Hernando residents would like more parks, study suggests

(WMC-TV) - Hernando residents say they want more parks in their neighborhoods, but are they willing to pay for them?

The cost of having fun could soon be increasing for Matthew Rogers, a single parent who brings his son to one of Hernando's parks for entertainment.

According to a recent survey conducted by the University of Mississippi, most Hernando residents would like to see more baseball fields and parks in their city.

"I think it'll be nice when you want to bring your kid there," Rogers said.

Another DeSoto County city, Southaven, may be the inspiration for Hernando.

"Southaven is doing a good job with Snowden. That's a beautiful baseball park," Hernando Mayor Chip Johnson said. "We don't need to replicate that. We need to do something that's Hernando. We might end up with a different type of baseball park or soccer facility than they have."

Hernando residents said they also want to see more paved walking trails - something the city is already working on thanks to a grant from the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

According to Johnson, while most residents support the new amenities, the big question is whether they will want to pay for them.

"The 600 people that did the survey said basically they're not willing for there to be taxes for parks and amenities," he said. "That's their least favorite way to pay for it."

"Maybe the city could throw in some help as well, so not all of our dollars are going into the parks," Rogers suggested.

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