Former Tiger charged with hitting person while allegedly driving drunk

(WMC-TV) - A former Memphis Tigers basketball player was arrested after he allegedly hit a person while driving drunk.

Memphis police charged former University of Memphis Tigers guard Jeremy Hunt with driving under the influence, public intoxication, reckless driving and violation of financial law.

Airplane mechanic Terry Reid was taken to the MED in critical condition.  Vascular surgeons spent Sunday working on his legs.

"Both of his legs are broken and there's no circulation to the feet," said the victim's wife, Shirley Reid.

Shirley Reid told Action News 5 her husband left their home to pick up a family friend who did not have a car.  On his way back home, Shirley Reid said police told her that her husband stopped to help a stranded motorist when a driver slammed into his truck and pinned him.

"They told me he was helping someone whose car had broken down and a truck hit the back of his truck and pinned him between his truck and the car," she said."

Shirley Reid said she knew something was wrong when she got a hang up call from her husband's cell phone.

"He was probably calling to tell me he was hurt because the person called right back after the call cut off," she said.  "I could hear him screaming in the background, and I knew his voice.  I knew it was serious."

According to police records, when they arrived on the scene, they smelled alcohol on Hunt's breath, he was staggering when he walked and he could not keep his eyes open.

Shirley Reid said she has no hard feelings against Hunt, but said as a former emergency room nurse at the MED, she knows alcohol and driving do not mix.

"Nobody's perfect and these things happen," said Shirley Reid.  "And like I said earlier with the divine intervention, maybe he needed it on his side, too, just as well.  Maybe it's what he needs to help him see."

Hunt was released on $2,000 bond.  He is due in court Monday.

In 2005, Hunt was kicked off the Tigers after his then girlfriend charged him with slapping and kicking her.  He also had a scuffle on Beale Street.  In 2007, the Memphis Grizzlies considered drafting the Craigmont High School graduate, but that never panned out.

Hunt's silver Land Rover is impounded.

Shirley Reid asked the Mid-South to pray for her husband's recovery.

Hunt took a blood alcohol test, but the results were not available late Sunday.

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