Occupy Memphis takes part in GhandiKing Conference

(WMC-TV) - A conference on peace at the National Civil Rights Museum wrapped up Sunday and Occupy groups from around the country participated.

Occupy members joined Occupy Memphis to march to the museum Sunday afternoon.  The group attended the closing ceremonies of the GhandiKing Conference hosted by The MidSouth Peace and Justice Center.

"I've been up with Occupy Minnestoa and while we're here, I thought I'd come down and share some love," said Aaron Hays.

Organizers said the Occupy movement mirrors many of Dr. Martin Luther King's message.

"The group wanted to come down here and share with us because they also believe in a non-violent struggle to right the equality in this struggle," said Jacob Flowers with the MidSouth Peace and Justice Center.

Musician Kirk Whalum wrote part of the soundtrack to "The Little Town of Bethlehem," which was screened at the conference and inspired by King's message.

"It's significant, it's poignant for where we are today and even things we're dealing with now with Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Memphis," said Whalum.  "That to me is reason enough to be here."

The GhandiKing Conference is in its eighth year.  Almost 400 adults and 400 high school students gathered to discuss how to bring about non-violent change in the community.

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