Doctors help girl make remarkable recovery from skin condition

(WMC-TV) – A Mid-South girl who became a virtual prisoner in her own home is experiencing a remarkable recovery.

Action News 5 first told you about Jada Alexander's terrible skin condition last year. Since age five, Jada has suffered from terrible psoriasis. At times, it became so painful she crawled because it hurt too much to walk.

Adding to her problems, medicines Jada took affected her immune system and made it dangerous to go outside in direct sunlight.

In a September 2010 interview, Jada and her mother, Kathryn Fields, pleaded for help...

"I'm trying to get any kind of breakthrough - somebody (to) lead me in the correct direction to get her to a facility or a doctor that can help us," Fields said.

Physician and surgeon Dr. Tyrone Davis was watching that news report, and days later he was the first to reach out to help. Davis developed creams that did away with the thick scaly skin.

Within weeks, Jada's skin showed improvement.

"I had to get her skin healthy before she could move around, so that she wouldn't continue to rip her skin and allow bacteria to enter," Davis said.

Businessman Michael Pietrangelo also heard that September report about Jada's skin problem, and gave her family Theraplex, an emollient cream his company manufactures.

"They started using it probably in October," Pietrangelo said, "and then in December I got a call from Jada's grandmother who said that, 'We've run out of that emollient. Can we get some more?'"

Now, when Jada takes off her shoe, you can see an amazing transformation. Fields gives both Davis and Pietrangelo credit for turning her daughter's life around.

"If it wasn't for the both of them I don't think we would have came so far," she said.

As for Jada, her skin has gone from cracked and scaly to smooth and healthy. She's no longer threatened by sunlight, so instead of being home-schooled, Jada is able to go to school for the first time in her life.

"I love it…because I get to interact with other kids," she said.

Jada hopes others who are suffering from painful psoriasis will get encouragement from what's happened to her.


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