Pot bust near South Memphis church and school

(WMC-TV) - Memphis police investigated a pot bust near a South Memphis church and school Wednesday.

Police cars lined West Person as more than a dozen Organized Crime Unit officers looked for evidence outside the house after someone reported a possible prowler call.

Neighbors said officers found marijuana plants when they arrived.  The house is right across the street from a church and near a school.

"That's more temptation for the kids that already have temptation," said neighbor Pastor George Scott.  "They don't need anymore than they already have."

Neighbors watched as officers blocked off the street.  One neighbor said two men live in the house.

One man was in the back of a squad car and another man walked with an officer to a patrol car.  At one point, paramedics showed up for the man but did not stay long.

Neighbors said it was a scene they did not like to see.

"It's a lot of people around here that do go to work, going to school and trying to do something," said neighbor Shalondon White.  "When you got guys and drugs, it just makes it really, really bad."

Neighbors said drugs and gangs are a problem in the area and they would like to see the neighborhood cleaned up.

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