Marijuana growing operation busted in Cordova

(WMC-TV) – Police busted a marijuana growing operation in a Cordova neighborhood Thursday night.

Neighbors on Beaver Trail Lane came home to the sight of Memphis police cars in their neighborhood.

"Pulled up, couldn't get in, blue lights flashing," said neighbor Barbara Polk.  "My neighbor had given me a heads up that something was going on."

Polk has lived in her home for 17 years and said she is now concerned that drugs have moved into her normally peaceful neighborhood.

"You know, it's scary," said Polk.  "I had no idea, and it's only a couple of doors away, so it's really very frightening."

Neighbors said they were surprised to see such a large drug bust in this tight neighborhood where the houses are only a couple of feet apart from each other.

"You don't expect it in this area," said neighbor Travis James.

James showed up just as officers arrived on the scene.

"When I got here, I saw people entering the house with guns drawn and everything," said James.  "They didn't knock.  That's the last thing I saw before the whole street was blocked off."

Neighbors said they were glad whatever was going on in the house has been stopped.

"I'm glad that this has been taken care of," said Polk.

Police have not release any further details about the drug operation other than it was marijuana growing.

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