Animal lovers protest on two-year anniversary of shelter raid

(WMC-TV) – Animal lovers protested outside the new Memphis Animal Shelter Thursday, two years to the day of a raid at the old facility.

In 2009, dogs were found starving in their kennels.  Those cases have yet to go to trial.

The raid resulted in 16 counts of felony animal abuse.

Protesters said it is time the animals get justice.  They held signs that read, "Privatize the Shelter" while chanting "privatize" and "justice."

"We are doing this as a remembrance to the citizens of the city that that raid was two years ago," said protester Cindy Marx-Sanders.  "And to help the attorney general realize that we are still concerned that we don't tolerate animal cruelty at any level."

Protesters said they hope city leaders will hear their message.

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