Judge to rule in how much U of M owes fall victim

(WMC-TV) - A judge will decide how much the University of Memphis will have to pay after a lawsuit awarded a former student a $4.1 million judgment for an injury that left him brain damaged.

In 2005, Austin Wells fell 15 feet down an elevator shaft at a school sponsored art exhibit inside a building on South Main Street.

Friday, the jury found the university partially responsible for scheduling an event in a building that was deemed unsafe for their students.  The building owner was also found at fault, as well as the victim.

There is a cap on claims against state agencies of $300,000.  As of right now, that is the most Wells would get from the state on behalf of the university.

Monday, a judge will rule whether the university's contract with the building owner excuses him from any responsibility.  If it does, the university could have to pay out $1 million.

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