Deceased child might be missing girl

CARROLTON, TX (WFAA/CNN)- Texas police say they have found the body of a Hispanic female not far from where a 10-year-old girl disappeared.

Jasmen Gonzalez was last seen right before midnight Saturday. She and her parents are from Oklahoma City and were visiting relatives in Carrolton, TX, when she went missing.

Police say Jasmen might have wandered out of the house after going to bed.

Back in Texas, the family's neighbor, Enisa Mujkanovic, was saddened by the news of Jasmen's disappearance.

"She looked happy, I feel sad because I have my little one," Mujkanovic said. "It's really sad and scary, too."

Police say they are suspending the search for Jasmen. They have not yet released an identity on the body they found.

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