Seniors shed clothes for nursing home funds

LOWER ALLEN TOWNSHIP, PA (WHP/CNN) - When bake sales failed to bring in the dough needed for a new bus, the seniors at a Pennsylvania nursing home shed their clothing for a scantily-clad calendar to raise funds.

Grace Arke, 84, said she hadn't considered a calendar before it was suggested by one of the residents, but after thinking about if for a second, she said, "Well, why not?"

Violet Montgomery, 82, is the ring leader of the calendar operation that's attempting to raise the $58,000 needed for the nursing home's new wheels.

"Within two days, I had 15 girls already lined up," Montgomery said. "You're never too old to have fun."

Poetry is also featured alongside the senior's portraits to stir some of the old-fashioned romantic feeling associated with a more golden age.

"When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, fat toddler coming at me with a bow and arrow," Arke said.

Some reactions for the calendar have been amazing.

The residents are now on their second printing of a thousand calendars in less than a week.

And according to Montgomery, some reactions have just been surprising, saying one man asked one of the residents on a date, after he noticed her in the calendar.

Montgomery said the experience has been fun for all involved.

"Celebrate life with humor and that is exactly what we have done," Montgomery said.

The high-spirited group hopes to raise enough money for their new bus by Christmas, and after the calendar's positive response, the also have the goal of making an appearance on the David Letterman Show.

Arke said she still doesn't know how her family will take the news when they learn about her appearance in the calendar.

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