Cross-dressing sub creates middle school controversy

VANCOUVER, WA (KATU/CNN) - A cross-dressing substitute teacher for a sixth grade humanities class opened up discussion on a topic that's not usually part of the students' curriculum.

The cross-dressing sub is the talk of the Wy'east Middle School campus.

"It was a boy dressing up with women's clothing," student Kelli English said.

English said many students where ok with the teacher's dress, but half of the class was being mean about it and laughing.

"Actually, I don't think that I learned anything at all because people were so distracted by it," English said.

According to English, school administrators eventually came to the classroom to remove some of the disruptive students.

Reactions to the incident have been both positive and negative. And some have sided with the school district, who said the teacher's dress shouldn't be an issue.

The school district didn't want to go on camera, but said if education is happening in the classroom, it doesn't take issue with the outfit.

The only exception to that, according to the school district, would be if the skirt was too short or the shirt was too tight or low-cut. Only then would the problem of the outfit be addressed, not the gender of the person wearing it.

"It just kind of makes me mad that people would make fun of someone just for being different," English said.

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