There are other things to do with candy corn besides eat it

(RNN) For those who would rather eat a scented candle than choke down even one 3.57-calorie kernel of candy corn, there are plenty of alternative uses. So grab the glue gun, some shellac and string and use your imagination to repurpose those waxy pyramids of sugary weirdness:

3. Melt them in a giant cauldron. Pour them over the side of the castle onto your enemies.

4. Place a handful in a sock to create a serviceable beanbag, paperweight or bludgeon.

5. Ear plugs.

6. Put them in the bottom of a clear, glass vase for a fall-themed flower arrangement.

7. Make a candy-corn infused vodka cocktail.

8. If you have the patience of Job, you could probably make a colorful wreath out of them, but there's a good chance it will attract ants.

9. Feed them to pigeons.

10. Throw them away.

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