Great white attacks West Coast surfer

MARINA STATE BEACH, CA (KION/CNN) - A 27-year-old California man is recovering in the hospital after being attacked by a great white shark.

Eric Tarantino was surfing with friends off the Marina State Beach Saturday when he was bitten on the arm and neck by a great white shark, according to his friend, Brandon McKibbin.

"A wave came and I paddled up and over the wave and when I came over the top, he just started yelling, 'shark, shark, shark!'," McKibbin recalled.

McKibbin said they tried to paddle back to shore as fast as they could, but it was too late. Tarantino told his friend to call 911.

"At that point, I looked over and he was only a couple feet away from me, and you could see his arm was bleeding pretty badly," McKibbin said.

Skip Londos was getting ready to hit the waves when he saw his friend being attacked by the shark.

"He was able to paddle in on his own and he ran up the beach right here and stopped right at the bottom of the sand dunes," Londos said.

Londos said he and several onlookers went down to the surf to retrieve their bleeding friend.

The shark left a 19-inch bite mark that has California State Park officials thinking the shark could be up to 20 feet long.

Following the attack, officials posted signs at Marina State Beach and neighboring beaches, warning of the attack and urging people to stay out of the water.

"It's likely possible that he isn't anywhere in the area anymore." California State Park official, Dana Jones said. "They do travel fast and it's a big ocean."

Jones said officials will continue to post warnings on the beaches recommending people don't go in the water and will continue looking for shark activity throughout the week.

Eric Tarantino is listed in stable condition and is expected to recover.

But Londos said he's still shaken by what happened to his friend Saturday morning.

"It was upsetting because this is really a popular spot and this has been the second attack in four years," Londos said. "It definitely makes you leery."

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