Thursday is National American Beer Day

(CNN) - Grab your best pals, wander down to your favorite bar and raise a glass to American-made beer.

More than 1,700 breweries in the U.S. are churning out and crafting your favorite beverage, so give them a proper salute.

Thursday, Oct. 27 is National American Beer Day.

Since colonial times, beer has long been part of American culture.

Things almost skidded to a halt when Prohibition loomed large in the '20s. Luckily, the underground scene kept churning out substitutes, even if they paled in comparison.

Once Prohibition was repealed, large-scale breweries became an American industry.

While these names still stand today, the movement led to an exciting new beer culture: brewpubs. These "craft breweries" make distinctive beers and serve them at the same location.

Here in the U.S., we're proudest of creating American Pale Ale, steam beer and cream ale.

What are your favorite American-brewed beers? Do you have a brewpub you'll always stand by?

Today we're assuming it's 5 p.m. all day.

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