Woman defies odds, walks again

AUSTIN, TX (KVUE/CNN) – A Texas woman was able to walk for the first time after cancer left her paralyzed from the waist down.

Paulette Stowers once worked with at-risk students in the Austin (TX) Independent School District, but a few years ago, a tumor wrapped around her spine, leaving her paralyzed.

"It had damaged the nerves, I couldn't feel anything, they did so many tests on me, but I couldn't feel them," Stowers said.

The nerve damage was so severe doctors were worried that Stowers would remain permanently paralyzed. Nevertheless, doctors at St. David's decided to risk surgery. A year ago, they removed the entire tumor and months later, Stowers walked again.

Doctors say they have never seen a recovery quite like it, but then again, they have never seen a patient quite like Stowers. Doctors are at a loss for scientific explanation, but Stowers' husband believes something else was behind it.

"I prayed and God told me she would walk again, but when, I didn't know," said Stowers' husband, Charlie Stowers.

On Thursday, she walked her longest distance yet - the entire length of a hospital hallway. Today, she takes nothing for granted and she urges others to do the same.

"Be grateful, trust and know that God is still working miracles, because I am a miracle," she said. "I am a miracle."

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