Troubled actress Lohan's troubled father arrested again

TAMPA, FL (BAY NEWS 9/CNN) – Lindsay Lohan's father has been arrested for the second time in four days in Tampa, FL after jumping from a third-floor balcony of a hotel trying to escape police.

Tampa police arrested Michael Lohan -- again --  for violating the terms of his release from jail on an earlier charge of beating up his live-in girlfriend, Kate Major.

After leaving jail on Wednesday protesting his innocence, he spent the evening at the Tahitian Inn, where the owner said he was friendly and having a good time. Sometime after eating nachos and shrimp, Tampa police say he kept calling and harassing Major, even though he was ordered by the police to stay away from her.

Major called the police early Thursday morning to complain that he was calling her again, and she put him on a speaker phone so the police could hear him, a police statement said.

When they went to arrest him at the inn, Lohan leaped from a third-floor balcony trying to reach a rooftop and fell more than 30 feet. Officers captured him after a short chase and police said he may have a broken foot. He received medical attention.

Despite the drama, the owner of the hotel says Lohan is welcome back any time.

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