Teen allegedly abused by PA torture suspect

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WPBF/CNN) - A Florida woman says her daughter was held captive by one of the people charged with chaining four mentally handicapped adults in a Philadelphia basement.

Barbara Dameus said her teen ran away from their West Palm Beach, FL, home last year. She suspected her daughter was at Linda Ann Weston's Florida home because the teen was friends with Weston's daughters.

"They fed her once a week," Dameus said. "She bathed once a week."

When she returned home two months later, Dameus said the girl had obvious signs of abuse.

"She was 98 pounds," Dameus said. "She had cigarette burns everywhere and I was trying to get information out of her. She was scared."

Investigations in West Palm Beach and Philadelphia are on-going. Weston is among four people facing charges for locking people in a 15-fot-by-6-foot room with no food and only a bucket for a toilet.

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