Mayor helps victim of St. Louis 'knockout game'

ST. LOUIS (KSDK/CNN) - The mayor of St. Louis is pressuring teens to stop playing a new game where they beat up strangers after he personally intervened when he found a victim lying on the ground.

Aptly named the knockout game, area teens started playing in recent months. Charlie Quain's uncle and neighbor, who was not named, was the fourth and most recent victim of the game.

"Eighteen teenagers jumped on him and started hitting him with bricks for no apparent reason," Quain said.

Quain's uncle was walking home with a neighbor when he was attacked in front of a public library. Nothing was taken from him, and he was able to escape before things escalated.

The game has caused deaths in the past.

"You can just see the lines and the bruising where the edge of the bricks were hitting him," Quain said. "His jaw is wired shut. It has to be for at least six weeks."

The victim was rescued by St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay while he was riding by with a member of his security team.

"We saw a man laying in the gutter. He was out," Slay said. "When we approached him he was still unconscious."

No arrests have been made in relation to the beating, but the Mayor said police are working with local schools to try to locate the suspects.

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