COPY-ME employees claim to be working in a haunted courthouse

WISCASSET, ME (WCSH/NBC) - An image captured on a motion-activated security camera at Maine's historic Lincoln County Courthouse has some county employees believing in ghosts.

An image captured in late September 2011 showed a translucent orb floating down one of the courthouse's hallways while the building was closed and locked. The soft, fuzzy, round objected seem to come from one wall, move down the hall, back again and then through a closed door.

Courthouse workers say the image was captured during the day, and no one has been able to figure out what could have caused the occurrence other than a good old-fashioned ghost story. The orb did not set off any alarms.

County Commissioner Sheridan Bond used a magnifying glass to examine a still frame of the image and claimed to have seen a face in the object. According to Bond, workers in the District Attorney's office have also reported sometimes seeing the shape of a man in the office during the late afternoon or early evening.

Bond has asked historians to look into the courthouse's past to try to identify what spirits might be lurking in the building. The potential ghost could be any of a number of people hanged outside the building.

The main part of the courthouse was built in 1824 with a jail in the basement. Prisoners used to be hanged outside the jail.

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