Food trucks get fancy

HAYWARD, CA (KNTV/NBC) - Food truck fare is getting more exotic, and the chefs turning out that food are not settling for a standard taco truck or hot dog stand.

Luis Soto of Hayward-based U.S. Catering Trucks is helping chefs and foodies create the kind of kitchen they need in that tiny food truck space.

"I can tell you 99.9 percent of the trucks in the last 30 years were to sell Mexican and American food," Soto said. "For the last three years we haven't made any of those trucks. Now it's concepts for fried chicken, Indian food, for beer and wine."

Sarah Bauer-Mokaves said she and her husband are professional chefs who were looking for a way to make their dreams of a restaurant come true.

Their Blast-Off Truck was customized from a linen truck.

"We built it from scratch, we designed it ourselves," said Bauer-Mokaves, who's favorite part is the back that lifts all the way up. "You can literally hose down and scrub every inch of the truck. That's important for me as a chef."

That's just one of the unique requests that Soto has gotten.

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