Peeping tom caught on camera at Wal-Mart

HOLLY HILL, FL (WESH/NBC) - A trip to Wal-Mart turned into a secret peep show after a stranger slipped a camera under a shopper's skirt and snapped a few pictures, unbeknownst to the shopper.

Sabrina Ortiz went into Wal-Mart looking for cleaning products. While perusing the aisles, a man walked up behind her, kneeled by a shelf and quickly slipped a camera under her skirt to take a picture.

"I had no idea this guy was behind me taking pictures of me, twice," Ortiz said.

Another shopper at the store alerted Ortiz to what had happened and security camera caught the man on video.

"We certainly don't want anyone else victimized in this way," said Holly Hill Police Chief Mark Barker. "It's a terrible breach of privacy certainly, and frankly, it's weird."

Investigators are still searching for the peeping tom.

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