Bed bug spotted at MI library

TAYLOR, MI (WDIV/NBC) - A Michigan public library was closed Oct. 24 after someone spotted a bed bug in the building.

"We shut the library just to be safe, because it is a 25,000-square-foot building," said Guido Ulin, the library's general foreman. "We didn't want to just do a total manual inspection."

Instead Odie, a dog and professional bug sniffer for Orkin Pest Control, was brought in to check the building. After a full sweep of the library, no bugs were found.

"He goes in, looks for odor, looks for the bugs, and when he finds it we confirm it," said Tony Williams, of Orkin Pest Control. The method is "about 97 percent accurate."

The dog will return once a month to inspect for bed bugs.

The library will resume normal operating hours Oct. 25.

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