Bargains can be found at drug stores

(NBC) - Consider yourself in minority if you only purchase drugs at the drug store. By design, the aisles at the pharmacy are filled with much more.

Farnoosh Torabi at Yahoo! Financial says bargains can be had at the drug store, if you know what to include and exclude from your shopping list.

"Time is money and drug stores are really providing A to Z right now for the everyday consumer who is strapped for time and strapped for cash," she said.

She advises you shy away from purchasing boxes of cereal, small appliances or gadgets from the drug store because they're generally so much cheaper elsewhere.

Still, you'll definitely save money on flu shots, pantry foods, travel sized toiletries and especially cosmetics by picking them up at the pharmacy.

"Same color, same ingredients, different packaging for 80 percent less, so utilize your drug store's cosmetic aisle," she advised.

Torabi is also a fan of drug store water filtering supplies, which are 12 times cheaper than bottled water.

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