Traveling evangelist faces new voyeurism charge in Arkansas

Sammy Nuckolls
Sammy Nuckolls

(WMC-TV) - A traveling preacher accused of peeping on an Arkansas woman is racking up charges across the Mid-South.

Monday, Gosnell, Arkansas police chief Bobby Trump detailed his case against Sammy Nuckolls.

"The tape shows him setting it up," Trump said.

Bobby Trump is the police chief in Gosnell, Arkansas, where the cases against Nuckolls began to unfold.

Nuckolls is a traveling evangelist and youth camp pastor who lives in Olive Branch, Mississippi. While he was preaching a revival in Gosnell last week, a couple offered Nuckolls lodging at their house.

"It was a matter of trust because of his profession," Trump said. "Be careful who you invite to stay with you."

According to authorities, as the woman whose house Nuckolls was staying at was about to take a shower, she found an ink pen poking out of his shaving kit. On the pen was a small video camera, which was turned on and secretly recording her.

The woman quickly called police.

"He was calm. he spoke very, very plainly. He admitted, you know, he told us he had a problem," Trump said. "He then gave us a confession stating that he did set that up for the purpose of videotaping the lady in the shower. He also admitted that he had done two others in Olive Branch, Mississippi.

Monday, no one answered the door at Nuckolls' home.

Olive Branch police have filed one charge against Nuckolls for videotaping a woman when privacy was expected, but the OPD's Facebook page notes the case is still being reviewed.

"They had no idea that it happened or that this person could do such a thing," Trump said. "Everybody has their right to privacy, especially at their own home. For someone to come into their own home and do that to them, it's unthinkable."

Trump said his investigators know of at least four women who were taped, including another in Waldren, Arkansas.

Nuckolls saved the videos on his laptop.

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