Authorities search for missing Dyer County woman

Karen Johnson Swift
Karen Johnson Swift

(WMC-TV) - Dyer County residents are wondering how a mother of four could have simply vanished. Karen Johnson Swift's disappearance has many people worried.

Swift was last seen at her home early Sunday morning. According to friends, she had just returned from a Halloween party. Swift's vehicle, a white 2004 Nissan Murano, was later found with a flat tire on the Millsfield Highway, near the Harness Road intersection in Northern Dyer County.

Tuesday, Donnie Johnson recalled seeing the vehicle.

"I saw the car sitting there a day or so, but I didn't know anything was going on," he said.

Investigators are tracking leads trying to determine why and how Swift may have vanished.

"It is troubling," Johnson said. "It hits right here at home for someone to go missing like that and don't nobody know nothing."

The situation that has many residents in Dyer County concerned.

"I hope they find her," Johnson said. "With the way things are now, I don't know."

A candlelight vigil for Karen Johnson Swift is scheduled for tonight at 7pm at the YMCA Soccer Complex in downtown Dyersburg.

If you have information about Swift, call the Dyer County sheriff at 285-2802.

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