12-year-old seeks degree at University of Memphis

(WMC-TV) - Without a high school diploma and only a 5th grade education, initially Arun Jambulapati was not able to enroll at the University of Memphis as a full-time student.

But after factoring in his maturity and intellectual abilities in pre-course work, the administration allowed him to enroll full-time at just 12 years old.

Perhaps the youngest student to ever take courses at the University of Memphis, Jambulapati is interested in math and has the ability able to recite a chain of numbers with ease.

Provost and math professor at the University of Memphis, Dr. Ralph Faudree taught Jambulapati his first college Algebra course and said his age is not a factor when it comes to his academics.

"It's part of our responsibility to accommodate all the students not just first time freshmen that are graduating from high school," said Faudree.

With a genius IQ, university administrators said Jambulapati became frustrated with the curriculum at Cordova Middle school. He abandoned his traditional classes in 2010 to seek a bachelors degree in mathematical sciences and economics.

Jambulapati began taking courses as a concurrent student at the University of Memphis at the age 10 years old.

Faudree said initially classmates were hesitant to interact with such a young student.

"Students started asking him questions and interacting with him," said Faudree, "It took a little time but they did form some relationships."

Already in his junior year, Faudree said Jambulapati is confident, curious, and has the ability to take his education to graduate school and beyond.

"When he completes his bachelor's degree, then he will have those credentials and they will be accepted by other universities, so then he will have to decide what his career options are" added Faudree.

For safety purposes, the University of Memphis administrators have established several stipulations including that Jambulapati's parents must be on campus when he attends classes.

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