Explicit video featuring University of Memphis goes viral

April Pratt
April Pratt

(WMC-TV) - A sexually explicit video featuring the University of Memphis has gone viral. As of Wednesday, the video, featuring a woman in a U of M sweatshirt, has been viewed millions of times online.

Wednesday, it was unclear if the woman in the video, known as April Pratt, is a student, or where the entire video was recorded.

In the video, April Pratt was filmed wearing her University of Memphis sweatshirt, on the University campus. In a second video, released after getting millions of hits on her explicit film, she bragged about how many times she's been viewed.

Pratt told her fans she wants to be a porn star, and is launching her career in her hometown.

"I am trending all over the world," she said. "The real April Pratt is trending with my favorite Beyonce lyrics.

The top trending video on Twitter may be getting a lot of attention, but it's attention many University of Memphis students tell us they don't want.

"I feel like it is embarrassing," said University of Memphis student Jenil Askew. "It's giving the wrong attention to the University instead of positive."

"Really it's kind of disgusting," Memphian Matthew Bates added.

The University of Memphis has released a statement about the video saying, We are not aware of any of the details related to this video, including whether our students are even involved. If one or more of our students was involved, we want to send a strong message that the posting of this video is not in the best interest of those students. Items like this posted online have a long life, and can be seen by family, friends and future potential employers. We strongly urge our students to use good judgment, and to avoid allowing themselves to be portrayed in such a negative and exploitive light."

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