Made-for-TV movie to tell story of Mary Winkler

(WMC-TV) - The story of Mary Winkler captivated the Mid-South, and now her saga has become a made-for-television movie premiering Saturday on Lifetime.

Winkler admitted to shooting and killing her preacher husband, Matthew Winkler, in 2006 in their home in Selmer, Tennessee.

"I'd like to see how they portray Mary," said attorney Leslie Ballin about the upcoming movie, "The Pastor's Wife."

Ballin said Rose McGowan, who plays Winkler, tried to make her role realistic.

"The actress told them they had really tried to recreate the courtroom and making it like the courtroom in Selmer," said Ballin.

In an interview with the Reelz Channel, McGowan said that she feels Winkler was, "an invisible woman.  The kind of woman you walk by and never notice."

When asked if he would watch the movie, Ballin said he absolutely would.

"I would have to see who the lawyers were," he said.  "Who was put in the various roles."

Attorneys Ballin and Steve Farese went to Selmer to meet with Winkler, but the video from the movie shows only one attorney.

The defense with Ballin and Farese ended in a conviction of only one voluntary manslaughter charge for Mary Winkler.  She served only a few months behind bars.

Ballin told Action News 5 if he could cast his character, he would choose actor Andy Garcia.

To see a preview of "The Pastor's Wife," click here.

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