Memphis students compete in Glee competition

(WMC-TV) - Mid-South students are competing for a share of the $1 million prize offered by the Glee Give-a Note video competition, and it's a group from three different Memphis City Schools that have joined forces: drummers from Ridgeway Middle School, dancers from Trezvant High School and the Cordova High School Orchestra.

Ken Greene is the choir director from Ridgeway Middle and one of the people who helped organize the group's video entry.

"We're the one group from Memphis out there representing our community, and it's an opportunity for everyone to come together and really celebrate the arts and celebrate the wonderful work that our students do everyday," Greene said.

You'll not only see the youngsters perform, but also see how music and the arts have changed their lives.

Many of the students express the joy in finding a place to "fit-in" and express their creativity in a positive way, like Senior Crystal Gant who joined the Trezvant dancers to, in a way, save her own life!

"I have a lot of drama in my life," she said. "My father - me and him have issues. He's in my life, then he's out, and I need a(sic) outlet. So, I turned to dance and music."

The students and faculty see the Glee Give-A-Note competition as a way to help fund the often poorly funded and "first-to-cut" arts programs in their schools, helping them to buy costumes for theater arts, new band and orchestra instruments for band, as well as equipment for art classes.

And, according to Greene, "This arts program could be the most important thing to them and their opportunity to really shine."

But, these students need your help and you have a very small window of opportunity to vote for the MCS group.

The Glee Give-A-Note competition ends Monday, November 7th at 10:59am.

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