Ask Andy: Doctor-bidding

By Andy Wise - bio | email

(WMC TV) - Get ready. It's going to happen.

You're going to require a medical procedure that -- surprise -- your insurance doesn't cover.

Consumer advocate, CNN and radio show host Clark Howard suggested you should register at the free site and get doctors to bid for your business.

"Health-care professionals offer lower-than-normal prices through this site to bring in new clients," said Howard, as told to consumer resource Bottom Line Personal magazine.

Howard said is most helpful with dental and cosmetic procedures. He said it's not unreasonable to expect discounts of 25 percent to 30 percent or more.

He also recommended having pharmacies bid to fill your prescriptions at "Only reputable U.S. pharmacies are allowed to participate," according to Howard. can even customize your 'drug auction' to local pharmacies -- and let them duke it out for the lowest prescription price.

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