Third West Memphis 3 documentary premieres in Memphis

(WMC-TV) - Jason Baldwin was anxious before the Memphis premiere of 'Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory,' a documentary about the West Memphis Three.

"Watching the film is difficult to watch because you see family and friends going through a hard and difficult time," said Baldwin.

The documentary was shown Sunday night at the Indie Memphis Film Festival at Playhouse on the Square.

Produced by Jonathan Silberberg, the Paradise Lost films have generated international media attention for Baldwin, Damien Echols and Jesse Misskelley, Jr., also known as the West Memphis Three.

"We definitely felt like these three guys were innocent and not treated properly by the justice system, so we thought it was an opportunity to shine the light both on their case and the justice system more broadly," said Silberberg.

In August, after spending nearly two decades in prison, the West Memphis Three agreed to an Alford plea, which allowed them to walk free in exchange for admitting their guilt before the court.

"After having experienced all this, I want to know who murdered those boys," said Baldwin.  "I want them to be found and brought to justice not only for my family, but their family as well."

'Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory' includes footage of the West Memphis Three after their release from prison.

"I'm in the process or learning to drive," said Baldwin.  "So far no accidents, I'm doing great.  I'm working towards getting my drivers license and the normal things people do to live.  Job, education, everything."

Some have credited the release of the men to the controversy created by the film.

"I thought it was a really good movie," said attendee Leslie Ponds.  "It did point out there are six victims here.  Three men who are wrongly convicted and the three children that got murdered."

"I think the movie makes a pretty compelling case that there are serious doubts about whether the three got a fair trail and a pretty compelling case that there should be reasonable doubt about whether they committed the crimes," said Shelby County Commissioner and University of Memphis professor Steve Mulroy.

The film will eventually air on HBO in January of 2012.

Meanwhile, NBC star and Germantown High School graduate Chris Parnell was on the jury and discussion panel for this year's Indie Memphis Film Festival, as well as the emcee for the awards ceremony.

Parnell said he loves coming home and was happy to support this year's festival.

"I love Memphis," said Parnell.  "I don't live here anymore, but it's my hometown and I love to come back, and if I can do a little something to raise the profile of the festival a little bit or whatever, you know I'm happy to do that."

Parnell has appeared in dozens of films and television shows.  He is best known for his time on 'Saturday Night Live' and his recurring role on NBC's Emmy Award-winning comedy '30 Rock.'

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