YOUR TURN: In defense of pit bulls

This week's "Your Turn" segment goes to Patricia Hurdle. Hurdle is unhappy about Action News 5 special report on Pit Bulls this week. She thinks the breed gets a bad rap unfairly.

In her words:

"The Problem with Pit Bulls."  I couldn't believe when I heard that title on last night's news.  I can sum it up for you in one sentence – "The bad owners they end up with."  Will you be doing a follow up story on the positive things about Pit Bulls?  This is exactly the kind of mindset that hurts us and the Pit Bulls. Some of the best dogs I have ever been around have been Pit Bulls.  I've been seriously bitten by a Chihuahua and a large mixed-breed dog.  Do you want to do a story on their problems?  It's how a dog is treated, taught and raised and unfortunately, Pit Bulls are the most abused dogs at the hands of humans. 

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