Receipts could lower Southaven mayor's repayment

Southaven Mayor Greg Davis
Southaven Mayor Greg Davis

(WMC-TV) - Southaven Mayor Greg Davis says he's working to prove how he spent more than $170,000 of the city's money.

The clock has been ticking ever since Davis was given 30 days to come up with the money. He says he's been hard at work attempting to recover as many receipts as possible and he's also been busy crunching the numbers.

The state auditor told Davis he wouldn't have to repay the full $170,000 to the city if proper receipts were found. So far, Davis says he's recovered about $50,000 worth of receipts.

"Keep in mind that's $50,000 of $128,000; $170,000 included his investigative fees, penalties and interest," said Davis. "All of which, the penalties and interest, will go down once we find receipts and things of that nature."

The city reimbursed Davis for the expenses which were charged to his credit card.

Davis says a number of the receipts are from the Mesquite Chophouse restaurant in Southaven.

"They will find this is where a large majority of the money was spent because it's our only locally owned restaurant that we take businesses to recruit," he said.

Davis says he's also trying to recover receipts from other area businesses.

"Our local businesses are cooperating greatly with us," Davis said. "They've seen me doing work in their establishment and they know what we're doing."

Davis said the city's revised policy now requires detailed descriptions of receipts, including what the reimbursement was for and why it's needed.

"That's basically what the state auditor is asking for - hardcore receipts of who was there, why you were there and things of that nature being recorded," he said.

Davis said he plans to be in contact with the Mississippi State Auditor's Office later in the week to discuss the receipts recovered thus far.

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