Domestic situation in Frayser turns deadly

(WMC-TV) – Memphis police are investigating a domestic shooting in Frayser that left a woman dead and a man in extremely critical condition Tuesday night.

According to police happened around 9:00 p.m. inside a home in the 2400 block of Whitney. An 11-year-old and a teenager were in the home at the time of the incident.

When officers arrived they found two people, a husband and wife, with apparent gunshot wounds. The female victim, 40-year-old Tiffany Thomas, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Her husband, who has not been named, was taken to the Med in extremely critical condition.

Investigators called the case a domestic violence-related incident, and said it is still under investigation. No charges have been filed.

Elizabeth Shelley is not connected to the Whitney case, but works with domestic violence victims at YWCA shelters.

"Domestic violence is an ongoing cycle that escalates as it goes along," she said. "It's about power and control. It's not really about beating somebody up. It's somebody wanting to have control over another person."

Shelley says Memphis police responded to more than 3,000 DV calls in October alone. Research shows 60 percent of male adolescents raised around DV grow up to be abusers.

"It's still such a secret issue that a lot of people don't want to talk about it," Shelley said. "I wish that we could find a solution. I wish that people would understand and work together to try to eliminate it."

Shelley said domestic violence must become a social priority before any other children witness an atrocity between parents.

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