Andy's Restaurant Scorecard: Jessie B's comeback, plus scores

(WMC-TV) - A Hickory Hill chef renowned for his turkey legs and barbecue trailer landed the High Score of the Week -- almost a year to the date when his restaurant failed its health inspection.

Jessie B's BBQ & Soul Food, 6225 Mt. Moriah Rd., earned a 98 on its Memphis-Shelby County Department of Health inspection Nov. 2.

"My reputation is on the line," said Chef Jessie Hearns. "When people see Chef Jessie...Jessie B's...I want them to put in mind that this guy is very clean. He has quality food. Different foods."

Last November, Hearns graciously opened his doors to the Scorecard, despite failing a health inspection with a score of 69 (for that Scorecard report, please click here:

Hearns never made excuses. He made promises.

He promised to bolster his reputation for distinct barbecue dishes and a clean environment.

Not only did he make good on the promises (call ahead for his turkey legs!), but he also expanded his menu to include whole hot wings with flavors no one's duplicated.

"The Greek wings are awesome," said East Memphis customer Kristy Cannon.

They are. I devoured them -- Italian seasoning, feta cheese and all.

Hearns' other flavors have names that are crosses between geographical regions and the NBA's Eastern Conference:  Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Texas Dry Rub, California.

"This is a product that you can't get anywhere except Jessie B's," he said.

It's rare when a failing restaurant shoots to the High Score of the Week.

Except Jessie B's.

WHAT ANDY LIKES:  Jessie B's Special Flavors of Whole Wings, Turkey Legs, Fried Corn On The Cob, Exceptional Service, Gwen Hearns' Smile (She's Jessie's Wife!)


A&J's Catfish Station, 5950 Knight Arnold Rd., Fox Meadows/SE Memphis, 96 on Nov. 3

Bob's Sports Bar & Grill, 2244 Whitten Rd., East Memphis, 96 on Nov. 1

Muddy's Bake Shop, 5101 Sanderlin Ave., East Memphis (White Station Area), 94 on Oct. 28

Burger King, 3966 Park Ave., East Memphis, 94 on Nov. 1

Backyard Burgers, 8251 Hwy. 51 N., Millington, TN, 93 on Oct. 13

New Dragon China, 1680 Madison Ave., Midtown Memphis, 92 on Nov. 3

Mi Terra Restaurant, 5883 Summer Ave., East Memphis, 92 on Nov. 2

Los Compadres, 3295 Poplar Ave., East Memphis, 92 on Nov. 2

Don Don's Hot Wings, 2741 Bartlett Blvd., Bartlett, TN, 91 on Nov. 1

Arby's, 1860 N. Germantown Pkwy, Cordova, TN, 91 on Nov. 2

B.B. King's Blues Club, 143 Beale St., Downtown Memphis, 90 on Nov. 2

Benihana of Tokyo, 912 Ridge Lake Blvd., East Memphis, 90 on Nov. 2

Milano's Pizza, 2801 Bartlett Blvd., Bartlett, TN, 90 on Nov. 1

McDonald's, 905 Union Ave., Medical District, 89 on Oct. 31

Pho Vietnam, 1411 Poplar Ave., Crosstown/Midtown Memphis, 87 on Oct. 28

McDonald's, 3675 Houston Levee Rd., Collierville, TN, 87 on Oct. 31

Denny's, 166 Union Ave., Downtown Memphis, 87 on Oct. 27

Dragon Taste, 1420 Jackson Ave., NE Memphis, 86 on Nov. 1

The Dixie Café, 2861 Bartlett Blvd., Bartlett, TN, 86 on Oct. 31

Tug's Grill, 51 Harbor Town Square, Harbor Town/Downtown Memphis, 85 on Nov. 2

Café Grill, 120 E. Mulberry St., Collierville, TN, 85, date not listed

Brothers Grill & Seafood, 2204 Whitten Rd., East Memphis, 84 on Nov. 1

Church's Fried Chicken, 3728 S. Third St., South Memphis, 83 on Nov. 3

Los Reyes Mexican Restaurant, 3024 Covington Pike, East Memphis, 83 on Nov. 2

R. J. Fish & Chicken, 2757 Kimball Ave., Bethel Grove, 83 on Nov. 1

Southern Hands Family Dining, 150 Highway 72 East, Collierville, TN, 82 on Nov. 3

Bogie's Delicatessen Midtown, 2098 Lasalle Pl., Midtown Memphis, 81, date not listed

Chick-Fil-A, 4916 Poplar Ave., East Memphis (White Station Area), 81 on Oct. 28

Backyard Burgers, 3183 Poplar Ave., East Memphis (Chickasaw Gardens), 79 on Nov. 2

Jack Pirtle's Fried Chicken, 2484 Jackson Ave., North Memphis, 78 on Nov. 3

Pete & Sam's, 3886 Park Ave., East Memphis, 78 on Nov. 1

Emerald Thai Restaurant, 5699 Mt. Moriah Rd., Fox Meadows/SE Memphis, 78 on Oct. 31

Bayou Bar & Grill, 2094 Madison Ave., Midtown Memphis/Overton Square, 76 on Oct. 31

Flavors Indian Cuisine, 4205 Hacks Cross Rd., SE Memphis, 76 on Oct. 31

McDonald's, 721 W. Poplar Ave., Collierville, TN, 75 on Nov. 1

Sekisui Cordova, 1884 N. Germantown Pkwy, Cordova, TN, 74 on Nov. 2

Brad's Bar-B-Que, 2845 Bartlett Blvd., Bartlett, TN, 70 on Nov. 1

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