Accused pimp trying judges, attorneys patience

(WMC-TV) - A man accused of running a nationwide sex trafficking ring claimed US laws do not apply to him.

Federal prosecutors claim Terrence "T-Rex" Yarbrough ran a sex trafficking ring by torturing and intimidating women.  He is apparently trying to control the course of his case in federal court by representing himself after going through at least five public defenders.

Attorney Clifton Harviel described Yarbrough as perhaps his most "interesting" client ever.

"Sometimes a client feels he can impede the progress of a case by being non-cooperative,"said Harviel.

Yarbrough has reportedly been dismissed from numerous court hearings because of his disruptive behavior.  This week, he told a judge he did not recognize the court's authority after previously filing frivolous motions and refusing a mental evaluation.

Yarbrough is seemingly trying to delay an eventual trial on sex trafficking charges, some of which are extremely violent, including branding at least for women with his nickname.

"The charges are sufficient enough that if he gets convicted, he needs to worry about if he's getting out again," said Harviel.  "Ever," he added.

Court officials said Yarbrough will not be allowed to fire another attorney.  At this point, his trial is set to begin next March.

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