College Board to decide fate of proposed Mississippi gaming management-related programs

The state College Board is expected next month to decide whether to approve proposed programs related to casino management at the University of Southern Mississippi and Alcorn State University. If approved, Southern Mississippi would offer a bachelor of science in business administration degree program in tourism with an emphasis in casino and resort management as early as this fall. Alcorn State would offer a bachelor of science degree in business administration with a major in hospitality and gaming management. Mississippi Valley State, Delta State, Mississippi State and the University of Mississippi are seeking to modify existing programs to introduce casino-related courses. William McHenry, the assistant commissioner for academic and student affairs, says that does not require College Board approval. Days after New Orleans-based Tulane University announced in November that it would offer a casino resort management program at its Edgewater Mall campus is Biloxi, the College Board began researching whether state universities could offer casino-related courses without legislative approval. Higher Education Commissioner David Potter says the proposed courses might address casino management as part of their structure, but will have a broader focus on tourism.

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