Newbern police searching for woman for prescription forgery

(WMC-TV) - Police in Newbern, Tennessee are on the hunt for a woman using a fake ID to fill fake prescriptions across West Tennessee and North Mississippi.

Newbern Drug fills hundreds of prescriptions every day. But when Shunquita Matthews tried to fill her prescription, pharmacists were suspicious.

"We don't fill every prescription that comes in the door," said pharmacist Jane Lamb. "We scrutinize it, and if we don't know them, we'll ask for ID."

According to investigators, in early October, Lamb walked into Newbern Drug trying to fill a prescription for Loritab. Police believe she used a fake ID and a fake prescription.

"Since it was a Memphis prescription she was trying to fill, that threw up a red flag," Lt. Greg Barr said.

Pharmacists said Matthews got nervous when they started to question her - so much so that she left her cell phone on the counter when she walked out the door.

Since then, Matthews has been on the run, and her cell phone could be the key to solving the case. Matthews, according to Barr, has a history of prescription fraud across the Mid-South.

"Tate County, Mississippi, Lafayette County, Mississippi, and Shelby County and Memphis have had similar charges," he said.

Police say Matthews has family ties in Memphis and in Byhalia, Mississippi.

If you have information about Shunquita Matthews that could lead to her arrest, call Dyer County Crime stoppers at 731-285-TIPS (8477).

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