Crash victim claims city workers burglarized truck

(WMC-TV) - A Memphis man says he lost some very valuable items after his truck was impounded by the city. He's just the latest alleged victim in a case that's prompted the city to start an investigation.

Eric Wells is better now, but ended up in a coma after his truck flipped over near Millington in September.

"On the first flip I got knocked unconscious and I woke up the next day at the Med," he said.

After being released from the Med, Wells snapped a cell phone picture of his totaled truck at the city impound lot. But Wells says he didn't find personal items that were inside his truck before the crash.

"Well, mostly it was my computer, the wireless remote, the charger," he said.

Wells even has receipts he says prove that his computer, tools and other items were in the truck when it was towed to the impound lot.

Now, Wells feels he's the latest victim in a string of impound lot thefts that prompted the mayor to launch an investigation in April.

Mayor A C Wharton suspended an entire shift at the impound lot and several police officers were assigned to the facility.

Wells said he sent letters to the mayor and other city officials, but still doesn't have his property back.

Wells is an inventor and said his missing computer contains key information for a patent he's working on.

"You shouldn't have to worry about your things being secure in your vehicle when a city or a city representative tows your car," he said.

Wells said the city made matters worse when it sold his truck because it was left at the impound lot for more than 30-days.

Action News 5 contacted city officials about Wells' claims. We received an email from the assistant city attorney saying she would look into the matter, but so far, we're still waiting on the city's response.

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