Auditor: Mayor made political contributions with city money

Southaven Mayor Greg Davis has been accused of using tax payer money to make a political donation.
Southaven Mayor Greg Davis has been accused of using tax payer money to make a political donation.

(WMC-TV) - Southaven Mayor Greg Davis is facing another investigation tonight for his spending, but he says he didn't do anything wrong.

While the investigation into the mayor's spending is ongoing, the state auditor's office is now questioning the mayor about a separate reimbursement he received. It's one the state claims should have never been allowed.

The Mississippi State Auditor's Office is once again looking into more questionable spending involving Davis.

According to the auditor's office, Davis paid $1,000 to Bully Bloc, a Political Action Committee that supports Mississippi State University.

"First of all," Davis said, "I haven't been contacted by the auditor on that expense."

But the auditor's office claims the donation is no different than if Davis had made a political contribution to a candidate and had the taxpayers pay for it, something that's not allowed under the Mississippi state constitution.

"Bully Bloc is an organization that's associated with Mississippi State and they have annual dues," Davis said. "I submitted it for reimbursement. The board of alderman unanimously approved it. We do the same thing for me to serve on the Ole Miss Business School Advisory Board and Mississippi National League of Cities. There are several organizations that I'm a member of because of my position and the board has always reimbursed those."

"Regardless of whether he actually paid Bully Bloc or not, the reimbursement from the City of Southaven for his donation to a Political Action Committee is not allowable," a spokesman for the state auditor's office said in an email. "The mayor is allowed to make political contributions, but those must be paid for by his personal funds and are not allowable expenditures or reimbursements from the City."

"If the state auditor finds there's fault, obviously we'd want to reimburse it," Davis said. "No one was doing anything or trying to do anything out of the norm."

Meanwhile, Davis said he continues to gather receipts as the deadline approaches to repay the state auditor nearly $170,000 related to other questionable expenditures.

Davis said he hopes to talk to the auditor's office about its findings very soon.

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