Police investigating pet shootings in Oxford

(WMC-TV) - Some pet owners are on alert after multiple pets in Oxford, Mississippi were found shot.

Sarah Carey said she could not believe someone shot her beloved dog Harrison.

"I found him on the driveway, he could barely walk," said Carey.  "He was bleeding so much.  I knew something was really wrong."

Harrison suffered damage to his intestine.  The two-year-old dog had six operations over three weeks.  At times, it appeared Harrison would make it.

"I watched him suffer and hurt and I wanted to help," said Carey.  "You don't know if it's the best to keep operating or let him go."

Harrison died Tuesday.  One of the veterinarians who cared for Harrison has a cat that was also shot with a pellet gun.

"I think we have a community crisis going on," said Dr. Jennifer Stobbe.

Stobbe said she does not believe the shootings are related, but said there is a problem with animal cruelty.

"In the first three months of being a vet in Mississippi, I saw more animals shot than I had in the 14 or 15 years working for other vets in other state," said Stobbe.

Stobbe contacted the mayor of Oxford and Lafayette County sheriff hoping that Crime Stoppers money can be used to find out who shot the pets.

"I just want to know who did it and I want to make sure nobody else gets hurt," said Stobbe.

Oxford police and the Lafayette County Sheriff's Department are investigating the shootings.  It is a misdemeanor in Mississippi to shoot and kill a pet.

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