Munford High band relishes in national championship

(WMC-TV) - Members of the 186 member Munford High School band are proud of their recent "best in the nation" designation. But there's no rest for the weary, as band members move from their national championship into rehearsals for their upcoming Christmas concert.

"I mean, it's just awesome because we just won," senior Joseph Meinweiser said.

"It's a great way to end the season - my senior season," continued senior Kaitlyn Edmondson.

Sunday night in Annapolis, the band took home the title of national champion.

"I was just nervous," Edmondson said. "I was ready for the performance to be over with and hear their words.  I was ready to know who won."

This isn't Munford's first time in the national competition. They attend the competition in 2007 and 2009, most recently coming in second place. But this time, under the direction of long-time director Barry Trobaugh, they were able to bring home a huge trophy, along with a lot of pride.

"We came off the field and the awards were so close, and we'd lost a couple of captions, and so I was thinking second place wasn't too bad," Meinweiser said

Meinweiser, the band's field commander, said they made history at this year's competition. Munford band had the closest win in competition history, winning by only a twenty-fifth of a point.

They are also the first school in the south to win the USSBA national competition.

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