Extra Credit: Crosswind Elementary student plays Carnegie Hall

(WMC-TV) - When you have a talent, you just sort of know it...your life, even before actually finding that talent, seems to almost point you in that direction.

Such is the case of today's Extra Credit recipient, Marissa Liu, who played Carnegie Hall recently. Liu is only six-years-old, and is in the 1st grade at Crosswind Elementary School!

When you hear Marissa play you think you're listening to a seasoned Master play, but she has only taken lessons for two years! Her father, Tao, says the family learned early on that she could learn pieces quickly.

"And later, we found that she's not only a fast learner, she's also very musical. And sometimes, we can feel her interpretation to the music is far beyond her age," he said.

For Marissa, playing the piano is something that just appeals to her.

"Because when I play I enjoy the music, and I can travel to different places to perform," she said.

Travel, indeed. Already in her young life, Liu has traveled to Cincinnati to perform in the World Piano Competition, and competed at a level three times higher than most people her own age, and still won 2nd place.

As part of her prize...she performed at the premiere Carnegie Hall. Although her dad admits to being nervous that night, Marissa was a pro!

"I believe her performance she had in Carnegie Hall is the best ever of all her performances in the past," he said.

Judith Fairchild, who has taught Marissa for a little more than a year, has taught hundreds of gifted students and known dozens of incredible musicians. In Marissa, she sees a "something special" that can't be taught.

"It's amazing," Fairchild said. "Her gestures and her expression, her musicality - I marvel at it and I see her every week."

Marissa Liu's parents aren't yet thinking about a musical career for their daughter, but say they will do whatever they can to make her happy in life.  And, they believe music will always be part of it.

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