Rape victim finds underwear in mailbox

(WMC-TV) - A rape victim in North Mississippi said Friday she fears her attacker has returned after what she found in her mailbox.

"Ever since I found out he was out and finding those in my mailbox, I have been scared to death," said victim Michele Bump.

Bump was raped 18 years ago.  Jeffrey Hunter from Tate County was convicted of her rape and another.

Recently, Bump found a pair of underwear that had been cut in her mailbox.  At first, she said she did not know what to think.

"The more time went on, I wondered if he's out of jail," said Bump.

She found out Hunter had been released.  Bump now believes Hunter put the underwear in her mailbox.

"I think this was a message," she said.  "I think the cutting of the underwear was a message of letting me know he is out."

Hunter registered as a sex offender in Tate County.  Donnie Hite, his brother-in-law, told Action News 5 there is no way Hunter left the underwear.

"It's false, it's completely false," said Hite.  "Even when he goes to work, he has a family member with him.  His mother, if not me."

Hite said since Hunter got out, people have been saying things about him.

"Someone called and complained saying he had been peeping," said Hite.  "And that's a lie."

Hite said he did not know who complained, and Bump said it was not her.

Bump tried to file a restraining order against Hunter.

"I couldn't get that because I had to wait for him to make contact with me," she said.

Now, Bump's husband sits on the couch every night so his wife can sleep.  The couple said they are thinking about moving.

Olive Branch police have the underwear.  The chief said he is turning them over to the postal inspector because they were put in a mailbox.  The Tate County Sheriff also said he is aware of the allegations.

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