Commissioners clash over proposed audit of county attorney

(WMC-TV) - "I'm just a good old country boy," said Shelby Co. Commissioner Terry Roland on Monday. "And I know when we're getting the shaft."

Roland believes the county is paying too much for outside attorneys. He sent a letter Monday to the Tennessee State Comptroller requesting an audit of the Shelby County Attorney's Office.

"There are no rules or regulations in place on how to pick firms," said Roland. "There's no oversight."

But once again, the commissioner whose office is right next door to Roland's could not disagree more.

"Do I have a problem with any kind of audit in general, no," said commissioner Steve Mulroy. "But if the audit's not necessary, it's a waste of time and resources."

Commissioner Mulroy said it is standard practice for city or county attorneys to hire outside firms when dealing with complex issues.

"Why don't we just look into everything?" said Mulroy. "It's a complete waste of time. You know, it accomplishes nothing except generating publicity for one commissioner."

"A publicity stunt?," Roland asked.

Roland said the same things could be said for Mulroy's planned encampment alongside Occupy Memphis protestors outside the county building in civic center plaza.

"He's a staunch liberal and I'm a conservative," said Roland. "And a conservative cares about how much money the county's spending."

We were told in September that Roland and Mulroy nearly came to blows during a private meeting.

It appears their apparent discontentment has not diminished.

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