Snack cake theft lands Hostess worker in jail

James Patterson
James Patterson

(WMC-TV) - He's accused of trying to trick the treat maker but instead, police say James Patterson baked up trouble and put a lot at stake for cakes.

Patterson, A delivery driver for Hostess, is accused of stealing $1,500 worth of snacks from the company during his one week on the job.

Customers outside Hostess' downtown outlet store weren't too pleased with alleged criminal.

"He's stealing the sweets from us," said Gracie Weaver McKinney. "They need to lock him up and throw away the key."

"My kids really like coming here," said Charlisa Price. "It's like a trip to the candy store."

And while a sweet tooth might not be cheap, the customers brought dough for dessert.

"I'm going to pay for mine," said Kiesha Green. "Definitely."

While shoppers were picking up Twinkies, Ho-ho's and other snacks, Patterson was locked up, charged with one count of theft.

"If we can go in there and pay for ours," said Weaver McKinney. "He can pay for his."

Police say Patterson's theft was caught on camera and that he confessed to his confectionary crime.

Court records don't indicate what he planned to do with the stolen cakes.

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