Victims in double shooting drive to nearby fire station

(WMC-TV) - Memphis police are investigating a double shooting at a Raleigh apartment complex Wednesday night.

Police said the shooting happened at the Hillsdale Apartments.  The victims then came to a nearby fire station at Coleman and Yale.

"They'd received a call about a shooting and as they stepped out to the apparatus floor, they found they were at the fire station," said Battalion Chief Mark Kelly with the Memphis Fire Department.  "At that time they actually found two people shot."

Paramedics began working on the two men, who were apparently driven to the fire station.  Their clothes were bagged next to the car they arrived in.  The victims were later transported by ambulance.

Both victims had gunshot wounds.  One was in critical condition, the other in non-critical condition.

Police are searching for three male suspects wearing black hoodies.  It was not clear Wednesday night what the shooting was about.

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