Bad luck leads to arrest after near-death experience

(WMC-TV) - A man who was nearly hit when a truck drove into a gas station was arrested Wednesday night.

Wednesday is a day Rick Ricks would rather soon forget.

"I describe it as a disaster," said Ricks.

While driving though Memphis on his way home for Thanksgiving, Ricks was nearly hit by an 18-wheeler that drove into a convenience store on Airline Road.

"I heard the swish as it was passing me," said Ricks.  "That'll stand the hair up on the back of your neck."

Ricks was later arrested and booked into 201 Poplar, charged with trying to carry a handgun onto an airplane.

While going through airport security, a routine scan found Ricks' handgun in his luggage.  According to an affidavit of complaint, "Ricks stated he forgot the pistol was in the bag."

Ricks later bonded out and is now back home.  He described the events Wednesday as a rotten string of luck.

His SUV was not drivable due to severe damage from the 18-wheelers.  Then, he could not find an available rental car in the city.  He found a last minute flight out of town.

Ricks said he really did just forget about the gun in the bag and said it was an honest mistake.

He said the arresting officers recognized him from television and apologized for having to arrest him after a near-death experience.

Ricks said he has no ill will toward officers and said they were just doing their jobs.  He has never been arrested before.

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