Occupy Memphis protesters celebrate Thanksgiving holiday

(WMC-TV) - Last year at this time, many of the Occupy Memphis protesters were sitting down to a Thanksgiving dinner with family.  Thursday, they were breaking bread on the Main Street Mall in Downtown Memphis.

"My last Thanksgiving, I stayed with some friends," said protester Jack Armstrong.  "My roommate went out to his family's house."

Armstrong said a tent in Downtown Memphis is where he wanted to spend his holiday this year.

"I work and I have a place to stay and I'm thankful that I can be here," said Armstrong.  "Some of these people don't have that."

It may not be a traditional setting, but there was Thanksgiving dinner for about 30 people.

Many Occupy Memphis protesters went home to spend the holiday with family, but others traveled to Washington, D.C. to join an Occupy march there.

After their Thanksgiving meal, members of the group said they plan to protest Black Friday sales in Memphis.  They said the annual tradition is the epitome of corporate greed.

"We've lost the true meaning of what the holiday is," said Armstrong.

Occupy members said the holiday season illuminates the message of the movement as families risk going into debt.

Many Occupy Memphis protesters said they were thankful that their camp has not experienced the turmoil that groups in other cities have endured, including evictions, curfews and arrests.

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