Police investigating dead body found in woods

(WMC-TV) - Memphis police investigated a dead body that was found in a wooded area of North Memphis Thursday.

"What a way to start a Thanksgiving holiday," said neighbor Kesha Crout.

Crout opened the door of her apartment complex Thursday and saw police cars.

"I was talking to one of the police officers," said Crout. "He was telling me it was a decomposing body in the back of the apartments."

Crout and other neighbors said they did not know the area behind their apartment complex existed.

Neighbor Kip Boyd said he remembered using an old bike path in a field beyond the wooded area as a child.

"Kids still walk through these trails," said Boyd. "It's a shortcut kids come from school."

The body was found near the end of the trail at Watkins and North McNeil. Neighbors said it had to be brought out at the other end near the dumpsters because of the terrain.

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